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Biden calls for humanitarian pause in Gaza conflict amid evacuation efforts

Washington, United States: President of the United States, Joe Biden has recently raised voice for humanitarian pause to the war in Gaza, initiated by Israel. This appeal has been made by president in the midst of the time when US is putting efforts to evacuate trapped citizens in Palestinian.

Biden expressed his point during a campaign speech on Wednesday after being encountered by the protestors who were asking for immediate ceasefire. President was quoted saying, “I think we need a pause,” according to the reports by Al Jazeera.

Further he was asked about the meaning of word “pause,” to which he replied that it was “time to get the prisoners out”. The remark was clarified by the White House later. According to the clarification presented by the White House, Biden pointed out at the Americans who have been held hostage by Hamas, the militant group.

Remark marks a shift in the position

The recent remark by Biden has marked a shift in the position of the White House as earlier the United States expressed that it is totally up to Israel how to conduct its military operations.

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Last week, White House spokesperson John Kirby earlier expressed that red lines are not being drawn for Israel by the United States. He further added, “We’re going to continue to support them.”

US veto in UN

Last week, when the United Nations General Assembly called for a “ceasefire” in the region, US was among the 14 countries who voted “no”. It is to be noted that Israel is known to be strongest ally of Israel and it has been sending billions of dollars in aid on annual basis.

United Nations General Assembly | Credits: UN

Sources close to the White House outlined that Biden has asked Congress to approve a military aid package of worth US$ 14.3 billion to support Israel in their military offensive.

US faced immense pressure

The world leaders, rights activists, along with progressive members of Democratic Party, were putting immense pressure on US President Biden to stop supporting Israel in its continuous attacks on Palestinian population. According to the health department of the Palestinian, around 8,800 people, including 3,500 children, have lost their lives because of the airstrikes by the Israeli Defence Force.

He was also criticized by the Arab Americans. As per the survey conducted by the Arab American Institute (AAI) think tank, Arab American’s support for Biden has dropped to around 17 percent.

In this regard, while clarifying his point on support Israel, Biden outlined, “This is incredibly complicated for the Israelis. It’s incredibly complicated for the Muslim world as well. I supported a two-state solution, I have from the very beginning.”

US efforts to bring Americans back

The reports have suggested that this recent call for “pause” comes after US administration has shifted its focus on safe exit of Americans trapped in Gaza.

On Wednesday, the reports suggested that there are nearly thousands of Americans trapped in Gaza, which have been trying to leave the region through Rafah border crossing.

John Kirby’s remarks on evacuation of Americans

On Wednesday, spokesperson Kirby outlined that he was hopeful that the Americans will be out of Gaza in next few days. According to the data shared by the US State Department, around 400 US citizens have shown interest in leaving the region, along with their family.

Jack Lew to take up a new post

Jack Lew | Credits: Reuters

Spokesperson Kirby outlined that Ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew, will be taking up his post, soon. According to the remarks shared by Kirby, Lew will be tasked with “supporting US efforts to create the conditions for a humanitarian pause to address the worsening humanitarian conditions facing Palestinian civilians,” according to the reports by Al Jazeera.

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