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Biden Offers Pornographer Payola for Propaganda

United States: In a remarkable twist of fate reminiscent of a punchline yet to be delivered, an OnlyFans originator and TikTok luminary, Farha Khalidi, has disclosed that she received compensation for disseminating what she characterizes as “political propaganda” on behalf of the Biden administration. This narrative unfolds with a dash of urgency and comedic absurdity akin to that found in political satires rather than real-life scenarios.

Khalidi revealed during a podcast dialogue that she was enlisted to bolster the reputation of then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson among her multitude of followers subsequent to Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court by President Biden. What adds a layer of ludicrousness to this scenario is not solely the administration’s choice of emissary but their directives: Khalidi purportedly received instructions to conceal the fact that her endorsements were indeed promotional material. 

According to her, the rationale behind this was confounding yet amusing: “It’s not technically a commodity. Hence, there’s no obligation to disclose its promotional nature.”

The administration’s tactic? Allegedly to exploit Khalidi’s persona as an “avant-garde woman of color” to fabricate a semblance of grassroots backing for their nomination. They even scripted her to assert, “as an individual of color,” she felt “represented” by Brown Jackson’s nomination—though the cue was relayed by a Caucasian woman from a third-party media entity, adding another stratum of awkwardness to this clumsy endeavor at authenticity.

To her credit, Khalidi declined to adhere to the script, unwilling to echo sentiments that felt insincere, especially those dictated by someone incapable of empathizing with her lived experiences as a woman of color. 

She conveyed her disillusionment with the process, frankly acknowledging that the endeavor to exploit her as a conduit for political advancement left her somewhat “jaded on political propaganda.”

This incident raises eyebrows not only for its audacity but for what it implies about the Democrat Party’s method of engaging with younger constituents. It appears there’s no influencer too specialized, no platform too unconventional (or scandalous), if it might aid in driving the message home. 

From OnlyFans to the White House —a curious trajectory indeed, made all the more unusual by the administration’s apparent belief that the endorsement of a social media influencer, recognized more for mature content than political discourse, could be a game-changer.

The White House’s lack of response to these revelations is conspicuous, leaving the populace to piece together this perplexing strategy. It’s an embarrassing spectacle that exudes desperation and a fundamental misconception of how to genuinely forge connections with voters, particularly young voters of color. It appeared that the Democrat Party may be delving a tad too deep into the influencer pool in a misinformed attempt to gain relevance and resonance.

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