Although Nevada’s nominating contests appear predetermined, the state has a population of swing voters and has a recent history in 2022.

Haley Claims Hollow Victory in Nevada Primary, Trump Secures Thursday’s Key Contest 

United States: Nikki Haley, the only rival left to frontrunner Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, is set to win Tuesday’s Nevada primary, but it will be a hollow victory since he would bag all of the state delegates during Thursday’s contest. 

President Joe Biden is sure to win Tuesday’s Democratic primary after overwhelming his party in the first nominating event in South Carolina on Saturday, as reported by Reuters. 

Republican Primary Dynamics

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The only major candidate on Nevada’s GOP ballot, state-run Tuesday for Republican voters in the silver state, is former UN ambassador Haley. It means, therefore, that she is almost assured of victory, but it’s mainly insignificant. 

This is because only candidates vying in a separate caucus on Thursday, organized for Republican contenders, are eligible to contest the state’s 26 delegates that will attend the July convention of the party where it nominates its candidate. 

The Trump-friendly state party is running the rival caucus, and only Trump has his name on that ballot, almost certainly ensuring he wins Thursday with all those delegates. 

Voters can vote both in the Republican primary on Tuesday and the caucus of Republicans held on Thursday. 

Governor Lombardo’s Stand 

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For the Tuesday Republican primary, there is a “none of the above” choice. Joe Lombardo, the state’s Republican governor, and a Trump supporter, has said he will vote none of the above on Tuesday and then caucus for Trump on Thursday, so Haley, who is likely to face her main “challenger” in this regard, is marking nones of the above ballots during their primary. 

The competing Republican ballots are the aftermath of a clash between the state’s Republican Party – run by Trump allies – and the 2021 law, which requires a primary to be held. 

Background and Legal Clash 

State political parties, not the state itself, run presidential nominating caucuses, and on Feb. 8, Trump’s Nevada Republican Party decided to hold a caucus instead of ditching one for primaries in response to their unpopularity among the voting public. Party leaders saw a caucus as a benefit to Trump due to his better organizational strength in the state. 

Visiting Nevada last week, Trump encouraged people to disregard Tuesday’s primary and vote on Thursday only. 

Trump’s Influence 

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Trump is poised to grab the Republican presidential nomination after consecutive caucus victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, while Biden seems to be setting his target on him ahead of a probable fallout duel in November. 

Haley vows to march on into the Republican nominating race and, in her home state of South Carolina, a potential last stand for Feb. 24, but she has no obvious route to the presidential ticket. In South Carolina, according to opinion polls, she lags significantly behind Trump. 

Sunday and Monday, Biden campaigned in Nevada. The President will be on the ballot alongside self-help author Marianne Williamson and other less-known Democratic challengers.  

US Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota missed the deadline, so he won’t be present on a ballot paper. 

Even though the nominating contests in Nevada appear to be a foregone conclusion, it will be an essential battleground state because its voters can sway either way, including that November presidential election. 

Earlier in 2022, Biden beat Trump in Nevada with just 2.4 percent points. According to the opinion polls, there is likely to be a rematch between Biden and Trump in the swing state. 

Demographic Dynamics 

On the US Census, Nevada’s 30% of the population describes themselves as Hispanic or Latino, and Republicans are making some connection with these voters nationwide. 

According to the latest state figures, Nevada has 768,000 registered “non-partisan” population. It also has many potential swing voters who don’t consider them as either Democrats or Republicans. 

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