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President Biden stresses “Democracy is still ‘sacred cause’ in speech near valley forge”

United States: President Joe Biden begun his 2024 campaign pitch to voters on Friday, the day before the anniversary of the violent riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, by asking whether democracy is still a “sacred cause” worth sacrificing for.

According to a Biden adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the Democratic president’s scheduled speech, Biden feels the 2018 election is mostly about that subject. Whether or not the nation agrees may end up a central question of the 2024 race.

As per the report by the Associated Press, for his first campaign speech of the year, President Joe Biden is heading to near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the day before the anniversary of the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack. He also discussed how Washington told his forces that democracy was a “sacred cause.” The January 6 attack was a vivid reminder of how that democracy can be tested, Biden is expected to say, according to the adviser.

Unveiling Trump’s Role and the Polarized Response

Former President Donald Trump’s role in the attack will be detailed by the Biden, which occurred when a mob of Republican supporters flooded the Capitol. Rioters have injured more than 100 police officers, beaten and attacked them. They rushed into the building to prevent the certification of votes for Biden, who won the election in 2020.

At least nine people died during or after the rioting at the Capitol that day, including several officers who committed suicide, a woman who was shot and killed by police as she attempted to break into the House chamber, and three other Trump supporters who suffered medical emergencies, according to authorities.

Although the commotion of January 6 affected members of both political parties, it is now remembered in a polarized manner, as are other aspects of political life in a divided society. Biden will portray his predecessor as a major threat to the country’s foundational principles, suggesting that Trump, who has a commanding early lead in the Republican 2024 presidential primary, will seek to damage American democracy if re-elected.

Trump, who is facing 91 criminal accusations related to his efforts to reverse his loss to Biden and three other felony cases, claims that Biden and prominent Democrats are attempting to undermine democracy by using the legal system to obstruct his main rival’s campaign.

The Legacy of January 6

According to the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of US people believed Trump carried a lot of responsibility for the assault on January 6. The proportion of Americans who believe Trump bears no responsibility rose from 24 percent in 2021 to 32 percent in 2022. By early 2022, that figure had dropped to 43 percent.

President of the United States – Joe Biden | Credits: U.S. Army Sgt. Charlotte Carulli

Roughly 7 in 10 Republicans believe that attack is being overplayed. Just 18 percent of GOP supporters say that protesters who entered the Capitol were “mostly violent,” down from 26 percent in 2021, while 77 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of independents say the protesters were mostly violent, essentially unchanged from 2021, according to the Washington Post-university of Maryland Poll which released this week.

On January 6, rioters swarmed the region, some in search of MPs who had fled for safety. On the first anniversary, Biden stood in Statuary Hall, a historic location where the House of Representatives met prior to the Civil War.

Biden’s Vision for Unity and Civic Engagement

According to campaign advisers, Friday’s speech will feature supporters and young people inspired by the attack to get involved in politics. On the second anniversary of the incident, Biden handed the nation’s second-highest civilian medal to 12 people who helped defend the Capitol during the attack.

Washington, Biden is expected to note, was a president who willingly gave up his power for the good of the country.

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