Proposed Bill to Allow Satanic Priests to Infiltrate Public Schools as Volunteer Chaplains | Credits: WBUR

Proposed Bill to Allow Satanic Priests to Infiltrate Public Schools as Volunteer Chaplains

United States: Now, Florida public schools will have Satanic priests to serve as volunteer chaplains. This historic decision has been proposed by US lawmakers in the form of two bills.

The Florida lawmakers have appealed that they will be presenting companion bills – Senate Bill 1044 and House Bill 931, through which the public schools will be given a choice to choose a volunteer chaplain – who will be offering counseling services to the students.

What exactly do the bills explain?

The bill by the Florida lawmakers emphasize that the policy is open for every school in the State – in which school authorities will be engaging with a volunteer school chaplain, who will be providing support services and programs for students, according to the reports by Fox News.   

In addition to this, the bill also asked the school authorities and management to inform the parents and guardians of all students of the school about school chaplains and their services. It has additionally mentioned that to obtain the service and student participation, written parental consent is required.

Along with this, the authorities and management of the respective schools are also asked to provide a complete list of volunteers to the parents, and then parents would be selecting their favourable chaplain. The volunteers must undergo a complete background check.

Does the US Constitution favor such a decision?

The religious groups of the State cannot dictate or participate as volunteers under the US Constitution. Therefore, there are chances that this new decision could open the doors for groups, including The Satanic Temple, to offer their priesthood services to students.

Statement by a representative for The Satanic Temple – 

The co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple – Lucien Greaves, while having interaction with Fox News, stated that the group is ready to participate as long as the government of Florida has been working to interlink Church and State.

The effort of the State officials were also praised by Greaves and he underlined that they will be participate with preserving ‘neutral’ viewpoint of the government, but also as an alternative to “proselytizing evangelism,” according to the reports published by Fox News.

He was quoted saying, “In an effort to dismiss concerns about bringing religious viewpoints into schools, advocates for chaplain bills have a scripted response that insists their interest is in merely providing additional ‘emotional support’ for potentially troubled youth. If that were true, they could simply be calling upon volunteers who hold licensure as counselors to offer their services in the schools in their communities.”

Latest update on companion bills!

The bill was introduced by Florida State Senate Erin Grall. According to the latest update by FOX 35 Orlando, the bill are currently in the state legislature. Following the green flag, the bill will go into effect from July 1, 2024.

In this regard, Greaves mentioned that it will not be an easy task for the lawmakers. He was quoted saying, “With a wealth of problems that lawmakers could be addressing, advocating for a disingenuous piece of poorly-thought model legislation supported by false arguments shows raw incompetence on the part of the chaplain bill’s sponsoring signatories.”

How The Satanic Temple could be explained? 

Initially, the basic idea behind The Satanic Temple was the construction of a complex curriculum and consulting people in the field of education, but this was later changed the objective after knowing that it had become too elaborate, according to reports by Fox News.

The temple has attained recognized by the IRS as a public charity. It is no stranger to First Amendment rights of religion. Since 2016, The Satanic Temple has been offering after-school programs to the school students.

Recently, the programs and services have been offered to the schools of states including Virginia, Tennessee, and Kansas.

Views of general public on the matter!

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