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Steve Scalise withdraws house speaker nomination, chaos continues

Washington DC, United States: The race to become US House Representative has witnessed another turmoil as the Republicans’ nominee – Representative Steve Scalise withdrew his name.

The decision was announced by Scalise on Thursday night as his political alliance failed to resolve its division. Following this division, the US House will go into its 10th day without leadership.

It is worth mentioning that the Majority Leader Scalise became a nominee to become US House Speaker. However, he was short of the 217 votes, which are required to be elected as the speaker. Reports have claimed that this shortage was because of a lack of support from fellow Republicans.

At first, Scalise shared this news with the media personnel. He stated, “I just shared with my colleagues that I was withdrawing my name as a candidate for our speaker designee.”

He can be further quoted saying, “If you look at over the last few weeks, if you look at where our conference is, there is still work to be done … There are still some people that have their own agendas,” as per Reuters.

Many reports have outlined that this infighting of Republicans has left the US House of Representatives unable to act on support towards Israel amid the war crisis. In addition to this, the House is also unable to pass the government spending bill before the funding runs out on November 17.

The meeting was concluded by Republicans without reaching a conclusion on Thursday night. Many reports suggested that the leaders will meet at 10 a.m. ET (1400 GMT) on Friday.

It is to be reported that most of the Republicans were in support of Jim Jordan, Scalise’s rival for the race; however, he lost the secret ballot. However, according to various sources closely associated with the authorities, Jordan appealed to his allies to vote for Steve Scalise.

In this regard, Representative Greg Murphy underscored that it is not sure whether Jordan will receive enough votes or not. While having one-on-one interaction with reporters, Murphy outlined, “It’s going to be hard. Personally, I think it may end up being a compromise candidate,” according to Reuters.

Will Patrick McHenry attain the job role?

Representative Patrick McHenry | Credits: Google Images

Multiple reports have anticipated that Patrick McHenry, who is the temporary speaker after McCarthy’s ouster, will become the US House Speaker if no one gets enough votes. Along with this, some speakers have also suggested that if a permanent speaker is not elected, then the temporary powers of McHenry could be enhanced.

Steve Scalise:

Scalise is regarded as a veteran legislator who gathers widespread respect, as he has spent years in a party leadership position. He gained legendary status after he survived a gunshot back in 2017 while during morning practice for a charity baseball game.

However, Scalise is surrounded by heath concerns as he is receiving treatment for a type of blood cancer – multiple myeloma. Reports claim that the supporters of Jim Jordan cited this reason for not voting for Scalise.

Trump’s support to Jordan:

Former President of the US, Donald Trump, has claimed that he will back Jim Jordan to become the House speaker. During an interview with Fox News Radio, he stated that he didn’t object to Scalise as a speaker, but first, he should get healthy for himself.

He can be quoted saying, “Steve is a man that is in serious trouble from the standpoint of his cancer. I mean, he’s got to get better for himself.”

Kevin McCarthy:

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy | Credits: Google Images

Kevin McCarthy was abruptly removed from the position of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. He was the first speaker to be removed in a formal vote. Before him, two Republicans quit the job under pressure from party hardliners.

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