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United States: The Former President of the United States, Donald Trump is blamed to impeach twice, he has hindered the peaceful transfer of power after facing defeat in 2020 presidential elections, has been dealing with charges in multiple criminal cases, along with his opposition warns about he being an autocrat. Despite all this, several reports and polls suggest that he can return to the White House in 2024.

Trump is all set to make a remarkable comeback as the president of the United States after various opinion polls revealed that he leads by nearly 50 percentage points.

Unsatisfied Voters

Biden and the White House argued that the economy is in good shape, as unemployment dropped near a historic low of 3.9 percent from 6.3 percent when Trump left office, and inflation cooled from over 9 percent in June 2022 to 3.2 percent in October.

Many people, particularly people of color and the young population, believed otherwise. They pointed to incomes that need to be kept up with the expense of necessities like groceries, automobiles, residences, and children, along with elder care.

When Biden talked about the economy, Americans considered affordability rather than economic data. Despite Trump’s unclear ideas, opinion surveys show that Republicans are viewed as superior financial stewards by most people.

US former President Donald Trump | Credits: Getty

Voters are concerned about causes other than the economy. Trump played to the actual or imagined concerns that many white Americans have in a society that is growing more diversified and culturally progressive.

Due to a widespread perception that fundamental needs of American life like house ownership, a paycheck that is sufficient to tackle inflation, and a college degree – are becoming more difficult to afford for many, according to polls, Americans are more worried about the crime and influx of illegal migrants crossing the US- Mexico border, as per the reports by Reuters.

Trump is skilled at harnessing and packaging those worries while portraying himself as someone from outside the American political system. He is an arsonist and a firefighter who declares the country to be in turmoil before offering himself as a rescuer.

He faced critics within his party; the media and the democratic party viewed him as unfit for office work, and millions of voters disagreed.

Trump may also refer to his four years in office and said that, despite predictions that he couldn’t manage, the machinery of government mainly functioned, although at times chaotically, and that the most significant charges against him, such as conspiring with Russia, were never substantiated.

No credits to Biden

Trump could capitalize on a White House that, until now, has struggled to convince a significant portion of the public that Biden’s job-creation strategies, involving substantial government investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and chip manufacturing, have positively impacted their lives.

 Biden has also dealt with two foreign conflicts that have divided Americans. While Biden retained a more conventional, interventionist American foreign policy, Trump’s non-interventionist, “America first” stance may connect with people concerned about additional US engagement in Ukraine or Israel.

Former US President Donald Trump (left) and US President Joe Biden (right) | Credits: Getty

He remained very unpopular in many places of the country and among many demographics; if he is picked as his party’s nominee, Democrats may see a surge in turnout to oppose him.

His harsh speech, which includes promises to exact revenge on political opponents he referred to as “vermin,” might turn off more moderate Republicans and independent votes, which he will need to defeat Biden.

Democrats have defeated Republicans across the country after successfully campaigning as defenders of abortion rights and will again make the same issue central to their 2024 campaign.

Trump stood better and has a better chance of winning the presidency even now, 11 months from election day, according to various reports.

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