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Trump Surges Ahead of Biden in Public Favor, CNN Poll Reveal

United States: A recent survey by CNN indicates that Republican contender Donald Trump is outpacing current US President Joe Biden in public favor, revealing a prevailing sentiment among Americans that Trump’s tenure has been more successful compared to Biden’s term.

Despite legal challenges looming over him, 77-year-old Trump maintains a lead over 81-year-old Biden in the CNN-conducted poll administered by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS).

Trump also holds a lead in six out of seven pivotal swing states for the upcoming US presidential election, scheduled for November 2024, according to the reports by CNN Politics.

The intriguing part of the survey is that Trump is able to maintain his supporters to the tune of 49% in an individual contest against Mr Biden, just like in the January-run polls. Biden’s support is placed at 43%, which has dropped only by a small margin compared to his 45% standing in January.

Nevertheless high percentage, 55%, declare that the era of Trump is successful for the USA contrary to only 44% that are of the opinion that it is a failure period.

A poll carried out at the end of January were just before his departure from the office and after the Jan. 5 incident, at the US Capitol, revealed that 55% were of the view that his reign was a mess.

During the same poll, whereas the majority of those questioned (61%) gave Biden the thumb up to date, only 39% would rate his performance as successful.

No sheers are exempt from partisan politics as 92% of the Republicans have given Trump’s presidency a thumbs up, and only 73% of the Democrats see Biden in the same light.

Surveyed independents responded positively to 51% of Trump’s presidency, but 37% of them were satisfied with Biden’s presidency, this idea was elaborated on CNN Politics.

The negative assessments continue to linger among 60% of the US citizens as they disapprove of the president’s job in office.

The approval ratings of Biden for his work in health care policy are 45 percent, while that of him on student loan forgiveness lies also at about 44 percent.

On the other hand, his response to the Hamas-Israel conflict in the Gaza area is only favored by 28%, and 71% of respondents disapprove. Those aged under 35 approve 81% while the majority of those of Democrats disapprove of them (53%).


The motivating factor of the survey is that Trump still has the capability (that remains at 49%) of winning an individual contest against Mr Biden as it was in the January run of polls. Biden’s support is graded to be at 43%, this follows a margin drop of less than 2%, which compares against his 45% standing of February.

Certainly, 55% consider that there is a positive chapter in the book of Mr. Trump’s presidency, while 44% think that one such page is the failure of Mr. Trump’s administration.

An opinion poll taken on the last day of Jan., right after his term of office ended and after his third president’s inaugural speech that happened on January 6th at the Capitol, showed that 55% of respondents said that his reign was a mess so far.

And when the pollsters asked the same questions, the club that 61% of respondents vote to extend his current contract, only 39% of them assess Bidens success rate.

Partisanship does not allow sheers to pass on either. Only 73% of the Democrats approve Biden’s presidency ,meanwhile , 92% of the Republicans see Trump’s presidency in “thumbs-up”.

Surveying independents who responded 51% to Trump’s period (in office) and 37%, it was evidenced by CNN Politics that Biden wasn’t given a chance in the blink of an eye.

The widespread indisposition and opposition towards the president remains almost 60% in the US, with a virtue that they are disgusted about his job performance in the office.

In terms of the opinion rating of healthcare policy, it’s 45 percent, but on the other hand, in student loan forgiveness, the same approval rating is 44 percent.

However, on the other hand, upon the survey carried out for his attitude to HS conflict in Gaza region, which held 28% approval and simply 71% was disapproval. Younger voters aged below 35 overwhelmingly passed by 81 percent opinion while only 53% of democratic voters did the same.

In a hypothetical scenario involving independent candidates Robert F Kennedy Jr and Cornel West, as well as Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Trump leads with 42% compared to Biden’s 33%. Kennedy at 16%, West at 4%, and Stein at just 3%.

Among voters under 35, Biden trails Trump by a margin of 51% to 40%.

The CNN poll, conducted from April 18-23, surveyed a random national sample of 1,212 adults, including 967 registered voters.

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