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Trump’s legal battles lead to fundraising decline despite initial surges

United States: Trump’s leading fundraising group raised about US$4 million on each of his two biggest single day hauls last year. On April 4, he did it after pleading not guilty to charges involving the money paid to an adult actress, and on August 25 when he also pled innocent of allegations of election fraud in Georgia; this is according to reports filed by WinRed, which happens to be Republicans’ leading site for soliciting campaign funds online.

For the last three months of 2021, based on a WinRed filing with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday that appears to be its latest disclosure around days in court fundraised close to his year-to-date daily average of just under US$300, 000.

However, on December 7, when he made an appearance in Manhattan court for a civil fraud trial, his central fundraising committee reportedly raised nearly US$200,000 as online donations. Last week, Trump and Judge Arthur Engoron debated during a civil trial appearance on November 6 on its behalf. The group raised less than US$400,000 via WinRed, the reports claimed.

Last week’s slowdown looks to imply that Trump is reaping decreasing benefits from his legal woes as he closes in on securing a nomination against Democratic incumbent Joe Biden for the November 5 election bid of his Republican Party.

Jason Cabel Roe, a Republican political strategist, stated that the initial news on Trump’s indictments was always going to deliver more shock than any other development.

“After weeks of media focus, people were desensitized,” Cabel Roe said.

Trump is trying four criminal trials and other civil cases. He often sends supporters emails that link his legal troubles with a request for a political donation and even posts an image of him from a Georgia mugshot.

He has further claimed that he is innocent of all charges and, without giving any proof, states that his prosecutions were politically instigated. Trump’s campaign did not answer the perceived slowdown in fundraising.


Smaller daily hauls of money amidst Trump’s legal troubles in late 2023 were part of a bigger trend.

His campaign said it had raised $19m in Q4 23, shy of the previous three months, have a round number-tag advancement to some side. The fourth quarter raised $33 million for Biden’s campaign.

A lot of Trump’s legal woes are also gradually proving to be a direct financial suck on his campaign sloshing.

His primary super PAC, funding another Trump entity covering his legal fees, was moved $30 million during the second half of 2023. It also represented close to 2 percent of the funds that the super PAC known as MAGA Inc. raised mainly from well-endowed campaign contributors during that time.

Indeed, Trump has proven that he can win electoral campaigns even when his opponents have more campaign funds than him, as was witnessed in 2016 after beating Democrat Hillary Clinton easily and winning the Republican primaries over former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who enjoys financing from some of the wealthy Anti-Trump donors during this election.

The largest portion of Trump’s expenditure on the legal issues in question within six months ending 2023 was dedicated to Civil fraud brought out by the New York attorney general office.

During that time, nearly $14 million was spent by Trump’s Save America PAC on law firms handling the case and nearly $900,000 to an accounting expert who testified for him, which included adult children of Trumper during his presidential final days in power.

The confusions prevail since not all the money is clear to be associated with that case as from the filings, payments are known just where they went and did not even state why this spending. Kise is not only Trump’s lead lawyer in the lawsuit but also, he represents him on a federal criminal case where Trump has been accused of handling classified documents wrongly after leaving office.

The civil fraud case, in contrast to the four criminal cases Trump is facing, went to trial in October 2023 and required attorneys to come in court virtually every day for many weeks, accruing billable hours.

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