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Trump’s Remarks on Haley’s Husband Fail to Sway Military Vote in South Carolina

United States – Bill Lyons does not approve of Donald Trump’s mocking the husband of Nikki Haley, his main rival in the Republican race, for not traveling with her as she campaigns for the United States presidency. However, it will not make a dent in their support for Mr. Trump.

Veteran Leader Disapproves

“He should not be disparaging our military. I don’t agree with that at all,” said Lyons, 81, a US Coast Guard veteran. “But other than that, he did a good job for this country when he was in there for four years.”

Lyons heads the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Sumter, South Carolina, where Haley has been campaigning this week to engage the state’s large military vote prior to the Saturday GOP primary, as reported bu Reuters.

She does not hesitate to talk about her husband, Michael Haley’s deployment to Africa, and Trump’s decades-long denigrating statements about veterans. She considered the US must have a role overseas, including providing support for the struggle of Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

Nikki Haley impact in South Carolina

The gesture is a major point for the Haley campaign in South Carolina, the who served as governor from 2011 to 2017. The metro south is among the states with eight major military establishments and eight percent of the whole acting military people in the country, as per the statistics.

She is looking at a strong performance that will give her a leg up as she heads into the Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.

Owing to interviews with nearly 20 veterans and military spouses, including combatants and those who got injured in wars, one finds that such an important voting bloc is indifferent toward the candidates’ messages, as reported by Reuters.

Many voters saw Haley, the former US Ambassador to the UN, as a “globalist” and that she would drag the US into a war. Several said they viewed migration at the US southern border as their top national security concern and that those efforts should override any action overseas as the first priority.

The vast majority of interviewees disagreed with Trump’s remarks today, where he inquired why Michael Haley, an officer of the South Carolina Army National Guard, deployed when his wife should be with him in the campaign.

While many of them looked the other way, after all, accusations against Trump for his aggression towards military veterans were unfounded, recalling his consistent support of the troops.

Trump at one time claimed that John McCain, a candidate for the presidency before him and a former prisoner of war in the prison of North Vietnam, was not a war hero for having spent years as a prisoner of war.

Another issue that appeared in some interviews with people close to Trump was his using the word “suckers” and “losers” while referring to the fallen World War One soldiers.

“That stuff isn’t relevant to me,” said Austin McCall, a 29-year-old Marine who recalled fondly when Trump served him Thanksgiving dinner on a surprise visit to Afghanistan in 2019. “Trump was president for four years, and it was great.”

Trump’s Stronghold on Military Voters

This week’s Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey highlighted Trump’s stronghold on voters with links to the military. According to the survey, he has a 63%–35% overall advantage over Haley in South Carolina, and that advantage rises to 65%–33% among those who come from military households, as reported bu Reuters.

Trump’s Criticism of Haley’s Husband

Visual Representation – Trump made his comments on Haley’s Husband. Credit | AP photo

At a rally in Conway, South Carolina, Trump made his comments about Michael Haley on February 11. “What happened to her husband?” Trump told the crowd. “Where is he? He’s gone.”

In the last couple of weeks, Trump has said that Michael Haley and his wife need to return to the country in order to save the latter’s dying campaign.

Melania Trump seems to have been eliminated on every step with Donald Trump’s campaign on the campaign trail. Trump has repeatedly affirmed that she is a private person who is difficult to catch in the limelight.

Easler, age 80, was a South Carolina veteran who expressed strong reservations about the president’s tweet regarding Haley’s husband.

“Trump had my attention until he accused her husband of not being available when he was on deployment,” Easler said, adding he was undecided between Haley and Trump. “That’s a big demerit.”

Haley’s Emotional Response

Visual Representation – Nikky Haley Giving speech in Greenville. Credit | AP photo

On Tuesday, while giving speech in Greenville, Haley choked up when she discussed about her husband.

“Michael is fighting for the country he loves. So are all his brothers- and sisters-in-arms, wherever they’re stationed in our dangerous world,” Haley told supporters. “Now I will continue to make my stand because America is worth living for.”

Haley’s spokesperson named Olivia Perez-Cubas, gave a statement on Wednesday in which he added: “Someone who continually attacks the service and sacrifice of our troops and their families has no business being commander in chief. This shouldn’t be so hard for Donald Trump.”

Retired Army nurse Kim Alsip said she thought Trump would win the primary, but she planned to vote for Haley partly because of his actions. Alsip declared that if Trump emerges as the presumed Republican nominee, she would back him in the general election on November 5.

“If he just shut his mouth, he’d be OK,” she said. “His politics I like, but Nikki Haley has a personality that I would like to see in the White House again.”

Sixty-seven aged Alsip supported Haley’s view regarding the provision of economic support to Ukraine in order to balance Russia’s continued aggression against the country.

Some voters interviewed by Reuters were concerned that Haley’s foreign policy views, including the vociferous support for Ukraine, could lead to a larger regional conflict or that these matters could be diverted from other more urgent ones at home, as reported bu Reuters.

Trump’s Isolationist Appeal

This emotion thus helps Trump, an isolationist proponent of “America First” principles, stay in office from 2017 to 2021 until his recent defeat. It pushes his claims on the campaign trail about avoiding war during his four-year term.

“I’m not sure that we should be putting so much money into these foreign countries other than Israel,” Lyons, the Coast Guard veteran, said. “We should be putting some of that money to close this border in Texas and California and Arizona where all these immigrants are coming in.”

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