Waka Flocka Flame American rapper and U.S. President Joe Biden

WATCH: Rapper Tells Joe Biden Voters ‘Get Out of My Concert’

United States: Rapper Waka Flocka fervently implored “all Joe Biden supporters” to “vacate my concert” during his performance on Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The audience visibly cheered the rapper’s declaration, raising their arms and making the convivial “hang loose” gesture.

Subsequent to his statement, Waka Flocka launched into “Grove St. Party,” a track from 2010.

Spectators took to social media to express divergent viewpoints; some criticized the artist, while others offered their endorsement, according to reports.

“As much as I dislike Joe Biden, this was inappropriate,” one X user remarked. “They paid for a show like everyone else, and while performing, politics should be left out.”

“This is wrong, honestly everyone has the right to vote for whoever they want,” another echoed.

Another exclaimed, “Insane,” while yet another observed, “This isn’t right.”

Not all commenters shared the same sentiment.

“We need more of this,” one X user asserted.

“This is excellent, and a liberal’s worst fear!” another proclaimed.

“I typically would oppose this kind of political intimidation, but considering how the left treated MAGA hat wearers in 2017, this is just what comes around,” a third noted.

“Give them a dose of their own medicine,” another concurred, reportedly.

“Waka is hilarious for doing this, omg lol,” another X user chuckled.

“Good. This should happen more,” another affirmed.

It is evident that Waka Flocka is a supporter of Trump; showing his support for the 45th president, the rapper endorsed him for the 2024 presidential race and posted an image of himself with Trump.

Along with him, other rappers have also come forward to offer support to President Trump as the presidential election of 2024 approaches.

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